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    Three Signs It’s Time To Work With Commercial Flooring Installers In Phoenix

    Keeping the floors in your business in top condition is important. They set the tone for the overall aesthetics of your establishment. Unfortunately, depending upon your industry, they can also sustain a tremendous amount of wear and tear. At Cardinal Floor Covering, we want to share three ways to know when its time to work with commercial flooring installers in Phoenix.

    You should definitely contact us for commercial-grade flooring if your floor surfaces are uneven. Chips, cracks, gaps and other structural problems can lead to trip and fall or slip and fall accidents. Worst of all, they set the stage for incredibly costly liability cases. As a property owner, maintaining safe flooring that’s easy to traverse without incident is a critical part of your duty of care.

    Signs of aesthetic damage are important to address as well, even if your flooring remains completely functional. If you’ve got a flooring system that’s fading, discolored, or stained, change out before it has the opportunity to negatively impact your business reputation. Even if all other design elements are flawless, poorly managed flooring can be a huge turn-off to both clients and prospective clients.

    You also want to reach out to us if your floors are outdated. There is a style for every decade and interest. You want to make sure that this all-important feature is a proper reflection of your brand. If your floors are old and out of style, you can be sure that others have already noticed.

    We provide retail, hotel, restaurant flooring and more. We are here when you need us if your floors reach the end of their lifespan or sustain serious structural damage. We offer a variety of products to cater to the unique needs of this industry, including flooring solutions that are easy to maintain and durable enough to hold up to excessive foot traffic.

    Contact Us

    Please use the form below to send us an Email. We can also be reached at 480-348-9999. We look forward to hearing from you.

    • 7625 E. Redfield Rd., Ste 100
    • Scottsdale, AZ 85260
    • 480-348-9999

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