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    Here Are The Top Preparations A Commercial Polished Concrete Contractor Implements To Give You Excellent Results

    Setting up the right floors in commercial and residential buildings remains an integral step in every construction process. The use of concrete floors in various settings such as restaurants, warehouses, schools and homes gives property owners a versatile flooring solution. Additionally, embracing the use of polished concrete on any surface will increase the benefits you enjoy in several folds. Hiring the right contractor to polish such floors gives you durable and aesthetically appealing floors in your apartment. However, there are preparations that must be done to attain the best outcome in every polish. The rest of the discussion outlines the top preparations a commercial polished concrete contractor implements to give you excellent results.

    Establish the Hardness

    We begin the preparation by establishing the hardness of the concrete our clients call us to polish for excellent work. Our aim in this approach is to identify the right bond and grit of diamond tools to use on every surface. Our experts will figure out the hardness of the concretes using the best test kit and effective methods to come up with the relative mineral hardness for every floor. We focus on achieving strong surfaces as you would have after commercial epoxy flooring installation. This testing will help us determine the appropriate tools to use for each surface and avoid damaging our equipment as we work to give you perfectly polished concretes.

    Repair Cracks, Spalls and Chips

    We always repair any damages on the concretes as we endeavor to make your surfaces look as flawless as possible. Our experts use different patches for various damages to achieve a uniform surface before the polishing starts. They can use cement based patching mixture for shallow divots, spalls and chips for excellent results. We utilize hydraulic or anchoring cement for damages that cover extensive areas to make them decorative and achieve a uniform appearance on the entire surface.

    Repair Joints

    It is important to clean the joints and fill them with semi rigid epoxy or polyurea before we polish any surface. As your trusted commercial epoxy flooring contractors, we repair damages on the joints to guarantee a perfect finish that brings an enviable aesthetic appeal. The repair also reduces the likelihood of the joints edges weakening or chipping at any point after we are done with the project.

    Cleaning the Surface

    Concrete surfaces require thorough cleaning before we begin the polishing process for excellent results. We inspect the surface for oil stains and any other dirt that may interfere with the permeation of our stains, dyes and densifier. Removing such unwanted stains helps us to avoid color variations as we polish your floors. There are special detergents that we use to remove small oil stains and dry absorbed clay to extract more stubborn dirt stains.

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